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Outdoor Study Group

Homeschool Teaching & Curriculum Design 

        My Philosophy

I believe that language arts education is a place for both inward and outward discovery.  In my classes, we study literature, and by default, we study history, science, current events, sociology and psychology.  Across all of these genres, we are also developing our critical thinking and writing/communication skills. In the process, students learn the power of language to effect social and political change, and in turn, they learn the power of their own voices. 

I also think that language arts classes should be fun, relevant and interactive. I nurture students' creativity through project-based curriculum and encourage them to engage in current events, politics and community issues through problem-based activities. 

        My Services

I will design a complete ELA curriculum for your homeschooled child in grades 6-12 and teach your child individually or in a small group with other homeschooled students.  The homeschool environment allows for easy individualization of the curriculum, self-pacing, interest-driven assignments, student-led projects, and differentiated learning. As an educator who has taught both high school and college, I am in the unique position to help high school students prepare for the rigors and expectations of college-level writing.


  • $2000/semester for individual instruction 

  • $3500/semester for small group instruction (up to 5 students)

*I follow the AISD school calendar

“And so, as I see it, the confrontation between teacher and student is essentially a confrontation between experience and possibility.  It is exciting and often deeply moving to work and think and speak in the atmosphere of possibility that surrounds students.”  

        ~~Wendell Berry, "Some Thoughts I Have In Mind When I Teach"

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